Best Platform for My Online Commerce

Best Platform for My Online Commerce

 shopify vs ecommerce

Best Platform 2021 for My Online Commerce:

Before starting an ecommerce, the big question is… Is this a reliable platform that will give let me grow?




  • Real-time shipping quotes and gift cards available out of the box
  • Better cart abandonment recovery setup
  • Built to make marketing your site easy with SEO tools galore, BigCommerce dominates in search engine optimization.




  • Selling limits
  • Fewer apps and integrations than Shopify
  • No built-in 1-click selling



  • No selling limits
  • More integrations and apps
  • Faster load time and speed
  • Generally easier to set up



  • You need third-party apps to get the functionality you want
  • SEO features not as strong
  • Transaction fees for third-party gateways


Price: Both are very similar.

Integration: Nowdays it’s important to have a platform that can integrate with every system. BigCommerce has no more than 1.000 apps that give you the possibility to integrate with social media and sales channels, but Shopify offers more than 6.000 apps to continue growing your business with more possibilities. Many of the Shopify extensions are free. You can expect to pay anywhere from$ 15 to $50 per month for the premium ones. When it comes to a premium BigCommerce app, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $50 per month.

Summary: Considering easy installation, user-friendly, loading speed and apps integrations… we choose Shopify. 


We have the Knowledge and the experience , to bring success to your online commerce.

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