Canadians buying online more than ever 2020-2021! | ONLINE shopping season on record

Canadians buying online more than ever 2020-2021! | ONLINE shopping season on record

canadians shopping online2020 2021

Canadians buying online more than ever 2020 – 2021! | ONLINE shopping season on record!

The way people shop has changed and now more than ever, online commerce are the ones that take the LEAD!

When this pandemic started, the e-commerce had a growth of 300% and the statistics shows that will continue growing for this holiday season.

More than 50% of Canadian shoppers say the pandemic has changed the way they shop, and more than 25% say shopping is now completely different.

“65% of Canadians who plan to shop this holiday season will do more of their shopping online than in previous years.


More online, less walk thru

Don’t expect to see the usual long lines of people rushing store doors on Black Friday or Boxing Day. Even with stores open, one-third of people who usually shop in-store during Black Friday, Cyber Monday weekend plan to shop online this year. 

Is your online experience top-notch? Retailers can win customers with a seamless experience. Make sure your website and product listings are up-to-date and easily found online. Almost half of consumers surveyed said they’d encountered some issues while ordering online during the pandemic and most say they expect things like discounts or clear out-of-stock and delivery notifications.”

More than 30% of Canadians plan to give more gift cards than in previous years.

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SOURCE: Google

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