Web Developers in Canada

Web Developers in Canada

Web Developers in Canada

Web developers design, build and maintain websites. They work with a variety of technologies, such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript.
They use technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to create interactive experiences for users on the web or mobile devices. Web developers also code in other programming languages such as Java or Ruby on Rails (ROR).
Web development can be done by one person but is more often done by teams of people who each have a specialized role. In addition to designing the look of a site, web designers lay out how the information will be displayed on pages or screens. They also specify how it will appear in different browsers (or “user agents”).

The job description for a web developer varies depending on employer but generally may include:

-Designing features for websites
-Improving existing features so they work better with modern technology standards (e.g., HTML5)

What do web developers do?

Web developers use standard programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build the front-end of websites and web applications. They also use proprietary languages like PHP or ASP that form the back-end of a website or application.

Web developers can also be front-end or back-end specialists:

-Front end web developers focus on creating visually appealing user interfaces (UIs) using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. They work closely with designers to ensure that their interfaces meet both aesthetic standards as well as technical requirements such as accessibility standards. To do this work effectively they must have a deep understanding of how websites are structured in order to create functional UIs that display correctly across different browsers in different operating systems (OS). Sometimes they may be required to troubleshoot problems with existing UIs when they do not function properly by either updating them with new code or making necessary changes through debugging processes such as browser profiling tools.

-A back-end web developer is a type of programmer who works on the “back end.” They write code that communicates with databases and other back-end services, such as those running on a server. The back end is the part of a program that does not display anything to the user, but it instead processes data for the front end (the part of a program that displays information to users). A website’s front end is what people see when they visit it. The back end is what powers everything behind the scenes.

What conditions do web developers work in?

Web developers work in an office or home office, and their day-to-day work involves using a computer. They may be working with other people or alone, but generally, a web developer’s job requires collaboration and communication with clients.

The occupations’ wages vary by province and territory.

The average wages that web developers earn in Canada vary by province and territory:
-In Ontario, the average annual salary for a web developer is CA$86,000.
-In Quebec, the average annual salary for a web developer is CA$79,000.
-In Alberta, the average annual salary for a web developer is CA$77,000.

How do I become a web developer?

You can become a web developer by:
-Having an undergraduate degree in computer science or a related field, such as information systems, software engineering or computer engineering.
-Completing a graduate program in web development at an accredited university.
-Getting certified through comprehensive testing and exams offered by companies like Microsoft, Adobe and IBM.
-Building up experience working as a junior developer for several years before moving into more senior positions within the industry.


We hope that you now have a better idea of what a web developer does and the occupations’ wages vary by province and territory. If you’re interested in becoming one, we recommend getting started with an online course like Treehouse Coding or Codecademy.

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